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Soda Feldspar Powder

Feldspar is a combination Aluminium Silicate of potassium, sodium as well as calcium. The major consumption of Feldspar is in the Glass and the Ceramic Industries. Its application also lies in tile manufacturing, whiteware and sanitary ware. Feldspar also acts as a binding agent or flux for various scanning soaps and artificial teeth.

Salient Features :
In almost all ceramic bodies, the main vitrifying agent is feldspar powder. The white ware bodies consist major proportions of feldspar (It acts as flux). In the ceramic industry, flux is referred as that portion of the white ware body which develops glass phase, which is provided by feldspar.

Applications :
The ceramic, glass and sanitary industry are major consumers of the feldspar powder and they account for over 95% of the total consumption. Feldspar is used in body compositions of various types of porcelain, china and earthenware as well as in preparing glazes and enamel. The glass sand batch also encompasses feldspar powder as an essential ingredient.

Note :
We can deliver the powder in all the grades as per the customer’s requirements and specifications. We can also provide consulting services to our customers on the grades required for various industries. Customized & Personalized Packaging is available with us for all the products.