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Quartz is a crystal of Silica which is majorly found in massive forming hills. It is available in various forms like Quartz Sand, Sand Stone and Quartzite. The most common application of Quartz is in the Glass industry, Ceramic industry and Refractory industry. Other applications of Quartz include manufacturing of Sodium Silicate, Silicone tetrachloride, Ferro Silicon and it is also used for water treatment processes.

Salient Features :
We are suppliers of high quality of Quartz Powder, which is processed in iron free grinding mills. We produce various standard grades of Quartz which has different industry applications.

Application :
Users of Quartz are spread over a wide range of industries where its functional role is varied. Quartz powder is used as a filler in porcelain, ceramic industry, and sanitary ware industry and also in the engineered stone industry. While the Quartz grains are used in refractories in the induction furnaces as a binding agent or flux in melting operations.

Note :
We can deliver Quartz in all forms as per the customer’s requirements and specifications. We can also provide consulting services to our customers on the grades required for various industries. Customized & Personalized Packaging is available with us for all the products.